Ash Denham, MSP for Edinburgh Eastern, has welcomed the success of a Carer’s Trust-backed campaign which looked to add a tick box provision for carers applying to university through UCAS.

Young adult carer and student at the University of Edinburgh, Carol Hayward, has been campaigning for UCAS to improve its application form. She called on them this year to include a tick box for those who are carers, in order to allow universities to better support these applicants and those they care for. The campaign was backed by Carer’s Trust; the largest charity for unpaid carers in the UK.

Carol’s petition gained over 2,500 signatures in 6 weeks. Following this, the UCAS Chief Executive Mary Curnock Cook announced that UCAS was “fully on board” with the campaign, and it is now expected that by the time students apply in 2019, UCAS will have edited their form accordingly.

Having previously announced her backing for the campaign, Ms Denham commented:

“I am delighted to be able to follow up on my motion of the 2nd June, which noted the work of young adult carer, student and campaigner, Carol Hayward, by issuing another; congratulating her on her campaign’s success.

“I welcome fully the opportunity this gives to universities to transform the application process for carers, and young carers in particular, who face extra difficulties and challenges in making the decision to balance studies alongside a caring role.

“I hope this information is used well by universities across the country to provide extra support and information to carers and their dependants.”

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