February 25-March 3

Monday: I met with an editor for Weekendavisen, a Danish newspaper to share a Scottish perspective on Brexit. I held a surgeries at the Ripple Project, SPACE in Craigmillar, and Portobello Library.

Tuesday: I contributed to debate about the implications of Brexit for Scotland, which were presented in a report by the Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work Committee that I sit on. Brexit is a threat to Scotland now and a threat to Scotland’s future, and the conclusions and recommendations in the committee’s report reflect that. See my full speech here. I also attended a Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work Committee meeting.

Wednesday: I had a Finance committee meeting about the new bill on Air Departure tax and the impact lowering that tax could have for the Scottish economy

Thursday: I held a briefing for the motion to be presented at SNP conference, “A Scottish Model of Legislation on Prostitution.” Prostitution survivors Rachel Moran and Fiona Broadfoot came to speak on behalf of this motion, advocating for the decriminalisation of the sale of sex and the criminalisation of the purchase of sex. To read more about this motion and the surrounding issue, visit here. I also participated in discussion about raising the level of civic conversation in and outside of parliament.

Friday: I attended a briefing on Edinburgh policing issues with Chief Superintendent MacDonald at the Fettes Police Station.

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