Monday: I spoke to the Chief Executive of Edinburgh Council about the city deal which will mean big investment in the Edinburgh area. Due to issues in disabled access at Waverley Station, I also met with visitor Ronnie Wilkes regarding the needs of vulnerable travelers and what we can do to enhance their visit to Edinburgh Waverley.

Tuesday: I attended an Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work committee meeting where we took evidence on the gender pay gap. This is a serious issue both for women who earn less over their lifetime and the Scottish economy which would benefit from eliminating the pay gap. FullSizeRender 3

Later, Tom Chalmers P7 class from Brunstane Primary School came to visit parliament for a tour and a chat.


I was in Chambers for the Ministerial Statement on Information Sharing Provisions in relation to the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act as well as the International Women’s Day debate.

Wednesday: I had a great meeting with the UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner. Following this, I had chamber duty as well as chaired a CPG on Human Trafficking. I also celebrated International Women’s Day. I will always work to build women’s rights and fight against violence towards women.

Thursday:  I met with Euan and Kiki from Euan’s Guide, a site for disabled access reviews aimed to “remove the fear of the unknown” related to disabled access. His charity is a digital space made up of positive reviewers to gather information on venues for the disabled.  If helpful for you, I encourage you to visit Euan’s website or download his app, “Euan’s Guide” to use and add to reviews. FullSizeRender 4

Later, I attended a briefing called “People Sized Government: Lessons from Norway,” discussing the best possible way to maximize local government and council placements.

Friday: I held a surgery at SPACE.  To support Scottish Apprenticeship Week, I visited Lifecare Companion Club to meet with an apprentice and hear about her experience.



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