March 11-17

Monday: I visited two Modern Studies classes at Liberton High School to answer questions and discuss what my job looks like in the Scottish Parliament.

With the First Minister’s statement regarding the intention of a second independence referendum, it was also a perfect day to meet with students and speak about the what the future of an independent Scotland would look like. American students taking a course on Brexit visited from the University of Iowa State to learn more about the issue of local control. It was a pleasure meeting this bright group of students. As PLO for the the CPG on Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations, I think it is very important to invest in the next generation as they seek information and understanding about our world.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Tuesday: At the Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work Committee meeting we pressured businesses and colleges about issues in the gender pay gap. We were encouraged to hear that there are targets in place to work toward placing more women into senior leadership roles.

Wednesday: During the Finance and Constitution Committee meeting we considered and approved a subordinate legislation recommended by Cabinet Secretary Derek Mackay on the Spring Budget Revision which includes an increase in the approved budget for 2016-17 of 372.1m pounds.

In the afternoon, I contributed to debate about Brexit and voiced concern over the complexity and danger that awaits. I promise to stand with the SNP and do everything in our power to stand against Westminister. See my full speech here.

Later, I pressed the Tories asking, “How many jobs would have to be predicted to be lost in Scotland before the Conservatives would act and stand up for Scotland? Thirty thousand? Forty thousand? Eighty thousand? How many?” See my question here.

Thursday: In the morning, I went along with Miles Briggs MSP to Waverley Station to meet with the Network Rail Management and discuss issues regarding safety and accessibility for elderly and disabled travelers. I enjoy collaboratively working in cross party groups to effectively tackle issues of high importance, including improved access of taxi ramps at the station.

After chambers, I left for Aberdeen for the SNP Conference.

Friday: At Conference, I presented a motion on the Scottish Model of Prostitution. We are excited to announce that it passed and has become SNP policy. Read more about the motion and the issue regarding prostitution in Scotland here.

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