March 18-24

Over the weekend I attended the SNP Conference. It was a productive and forward thinking conference with lots of ground covered. I presented a resolution on the Scottish Model of Legislation on Prostitution criminalising the purchase of sex which was adopted as policy.

Tuesday: At the Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work committee meeting we discussed new legislation on bankruptcy fees to see if the new fees were reasonable. Later in the chamber, I contributed to an important debate on the possibility of another independence referendum. We want to give Scotland choices about the terms of Brexit while there is still opportunity for choice. See my full speech here. I also pressured the Tories to answer a host of questions that they have been unable to answer regarding the outcome of Brexit.

Wednesday: In the morning, at the Finance committee meeting, we took evidence from the Budget Process Review Group, aiming to make the process of budget review in the Scottish Parliament world class. In the afternoon, the debate on the independence referendum continued.

Thursday: In the afternoon, I had a lovely visit with Abbeyhill Primary school and received a beautiful canvas painting from their art club. I have already hung it in my office!

FullSizeRender 8.jpgFullSizeRender 7.jpg


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