“MSP to convene Lochend parking meeting on Wednesday” – The Edinburgh Reporter

Ash Denham MSP for Edinburgh Eastern will convene a meeting for residents of Lochend Gardens to discuss implementing parking restrictions in the area.

A number of residents have contacted the MSP’s office to tell her about the problems with vehicles in the area when Hibs play home games.

Constituents have said that the extra cars use pavements and green spaces, and that the road becomes restricted. Residents are concerned about access for emergency vehicles.

In one circumstance, an elderly resident fell and hurt her hip due to mud on the pavement from the vehicles which had parked there.

The meeting will take place Wednesday, 26 April 2017 6:00pm at the Restalrig Lochend Community Hub.

Residents will discuss whether or not to enact strategically placed double yellow lines and limit pavement parking.

Ash Denham said : “My goal with this meeting is to be a neutral party and enable residents of Lochend Gardens to voice their opinions on the increased traffic in their neighbourhood.

“The influx of vehicles is a big concern for my constituents in Lochend Gardens, and I want to help residents bring their opinions to the City of Edinburgh Council in order to find a proper solution.”

Edinburgh’s Local Transport and Environment Manager and a representative of Police Scotland will be attending the meeting.

Following the meeting, residents of Lochend Gardens will be able to vote “yes” or “no” by ballot to express their opinion on new parking restrictions. Ballots and stamped return envelopes have been mailed out to constituents, and they will also be available for pickup at the meeting on the 26th.

The MSP will count all ballots and provide the results to Lochend Garden residents via written letter by the second week of May.

This article originally appeared in The Edinburgh Reporter. 

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