“Angry residents hold referendum over match day parking” – Edinburgh Evening News

Neighbours plagued by parking on pavements when Hibs play at home are to vote on whether there should be double yellow lines outside their houses.

The residents’ referendum comes after people living in Lochend Gardens – six minutes’ walk from Hibs’ Easter Road ground – said they had had enough of football fans leaving their cars on pavements and grass verges.

They said the cars blocked residents’ gates and would prevent access for emergency vehicles.

The referendum is being organised by Edinburgh Eastern MSP Ash Denham, who has also called a residents’ meeting tonight, which coincides with Hibs playing Raith Rovers at home.

Representatives from the council and the police are expected to attend.

A total of 144 ballot papers inviting residents to vote Yes or No to the idea of double yellow lines have been posted out to residents.

Ms Denham’s office will count the votes and tell residents the result by the second week of May.

One resident said: “It has been a problem the last two seasons.

“It has now got to the stage where they are parking right up the pavement and nobody can get into their gate.

“The whole pavement is covered with cars, all four wheels on the pavement.

“They’re parking on the wee grass circles too. There used to be railings round them years ago, but they were taken away. The council keeps them nice, but they’re all getting churned up with the car wheels.

“The council put up wee poles saying ‘No parking on the grass’ but they just do it anyway.”

“If there was a fire or something, the emergency services would have no chance getting through. That’s putting lives at risk.

“It’s not on. We’ve had enough.”

She said she would like to see railings around the grass circles reinstated and bollards put up to prevent parking.

One elderly resident is said to have fallen and hurt her hip due to mud being on the pavement from the vehicles which had parked there.

Ms Denham said: “My goal with this meeting is to be a neutral party and enable ­residents of Lochend Gardens to voice their opinions on the increased traffic in their neighbourhood.

“The influx of vehicles is a big concern for my constituents in Lochend Gardens, and I want to help residents bring their opinions to the city council in order to find a proper solution.”

Police said they were liaising with the council and Hibs about ongoing issues with parking in the area on match days.

This article originally appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News.

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