Baileyfield Development- Portobello

The proposed development at 17 Fishwives Causeway 8-9, 10, 11, 12, 25 Baileyfield Crescent is for mixed development, primarily of several hundred new homes and a commercial building. Per the developer’s planning application, there have been a number of issues with the development as proposed. The biggest issue is the density of housing, which is higher than adjoining sites and would have an adverse effect on traffic, parking, and the environment.

Below is a timeline of the steps I have taken to advocate for changes to this development in line with the views of many constituents that contacted me:

November 2017

The City of Edinburgh Council’s development management sub-committee approved Barratt Homes’ plans for Baileyfield Crescent. This is obviously not the decision that I hoped for, but it is welcome that we were able to at least achieve a nine per cent reduction in housing density. I will continue to monitor residents’ concerns with housing height, traffic and congestion, and impacts on local services as the development progresses.

October 2017

Under pressure from those in Portobello, the property developers reduced the density of housing in a new planning application. However, at a nine per cent reduction, it is not enough and they failed to address a host of other issues with the proposal, primarily traffic, air pollution, and the height of the homes. As such, I wrote to the planning department and several Councillors raising this lack of progress. You can read my full letter here.

On 25 October developers submitted a third planning application. This application reduced the total number of properties by six houses (from 441 to 435) and reduced the height of some properties from six stories to four or five. However, the provision for parking is still only for 68 per cent of the property.

July 2017

I wrote to the City of Edinburgh Council Planning Department outlining a range of issue with the development and requesting these issues be addressed before the development moves forward. These issues included the density of housing being too high, the height of some buildings being inconsistent with the North West Portobello Design Brief, and a lack of green space and provision for public services. Click here to read my letter in full.

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