Baileyfield Objection Letter (2)

Dear Cllr

I am writing to further object to the proposed development at 17 Fishwives Causeway 8-9, 10, 11, 12, 25 Baileyfield Crescent, Edinburgh, EH7 6GH (reference 16/05898/FUL).

I have received a number of complaints from my constituents since Barratt Homes submitted an updated planning application. As I said in my previous objection in this matter, I am in favour of additional housing in Edinburgh Eastern. However, this housing development should address and resolve the issues below before moving forward.

First, the density of properties is still too high. Although the number of homes has been reduced from 475 to 441, this is only a nine per cent reduction. This large number of homes will also impact parking, which is already congested in the surrounding area. As the planning application currently stands, parking would only be provided for 68 per cent of the property. This will have a negative effect on surrounding streets and a nearby conservation area.

Second, the property developers did not address concerns with traffic. The current design will increase traffic in Seafield Junction, which is already close to capacity, and it will constrict traffic on Baileyfield Road and Portobello High Street. This has implications for heightened air pollution in the area as well. Additionally, there are new development proposals in nearby areas, which will further worsen traffic and discourage visitors from coming to areas such as Portobello Beach. This may also affect local businesses and services for the worse.

Third, there are still some six storey properties proposed. As I raised in my previous letter, this is inconsistent with the North West Portobello Design Brief which stipulates housing be three to four storeys. The Barratt development on the former Scottish Power site does not exceed four storeys, so I see no reason why they cannot maintain the same building height for this development.

Lastly, the developers have ignored calls for a community space in the property and have not met the City of Edinburgh Council’s provision on the amount of green spaces. A great number of my constituents have expressed these concerns, and it is critical they are resolved before the development moves forward. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely

Ash Denham MSP
Edinburgh Eastern Constituency

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