“Edinburgh MSP in call for ‘answers’ on Brexit impact” – Edinburgh Evening News

The UK government has been called to reveal the impact that leaving the European Union will have on Scotland’s financial sector amid fresh concern of potential job losses.

It follows a warning from the Bank of England that 75,000 jobs in the industry could be at risk from Brexit, with Edinburgh home to the largest number of finance jobs in the UK outside of London.

Edinburgh Eastern MSP and Holyrood finance committee member Ash Denham said it was the act of a “reckless, irresponsible government” not to publish findings on the impact of Brexit.

She said: “In light of these latest warnings from the Bank of England it is high time we got some answers.

“If the Tories drag Scotland’s economy off a cliff edge and we crash out of Europe without a deal, then how many jobs are they putting at risk – and will they give our Scottish Parliament the powers to prevent that scenario from happening?

“While the SNP is promoting Edinburgh and Scotland’s cities as great places to come to live, work and study the Tories would rather see skilled jobs go to Paris or Frankfurt.

“The position is becoming completely untenable.

“The UK government has had a 15-month period to devise a strategy which doesn’t result in economic self-harm. It’s clear that they’re failing badly and we shouldn’t stand for it.”

This article originally appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News

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