Motion at the March 2017 SNP Conference

The SNP Haddington Branch put forward a motion that I presented at Conference, in March 2017, for a Scottish Model of Legislation on Prostitution. This motion seeks to legalise the sale of sex while criminalising the purchase of sex, thereby protecting those exploited by prostitution and punishing the exploiters. It would also offer a system of support for those wishing to exit prostitution.

This mirrors the Nordic Model such as successful legislation in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and France.

Statistics show that neighbouring jurisdictions result in the demand being displaced to nearby countries. Thus, Scotland is at risk for an increase in demand for paid sex.

The motion successfully passed and is now SNP party policy. 

In depth research has been done to raise awareness for the decriminalisation of prostitution. As we advocate for the Nordic Model, I urge you to educate yourself and stand up for those in need in order to protect Scotland.

Click here to see the motion in full and a list of supporters.

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