MSP commends Castlebrae High School students on release of charity track


Students from Castlebrae High School today released their new charity single, “Just Be You”, written and performed as part of a partnership project between Castlebrae High School and Drake Music Scotland.

The pupils are part of the ‘Nurture Group’ at Castlebrae High School, which means they have been identified as needing extra support, and the theme of the song focuses on respect and embracing individuality.

The students performed their single for the very first time earlier this month at the Drake Music Scotland 20th Anniversary Concert at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh in front of an audience of 800.

Commenting, SNP MSP Ash Denham said,

“This song is a fantastic example of what happens when we encourage and develop creative skills in children.

“I am delighted to hear of the positive impact the project with Drake Music has had on the students.

“The song touches on some important issues that impact children every day and has a brilliantly positive message.

“It was billed as a “real banger” and I would have to agree!”

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