MSP calls on beachgoers to exercise inflatable toys caution

Ash Denham MSP has called on beachgoers to listen to the advice of the coastguard following several recent incidents concerning inflatable pool toys.

The coastguard have advised beach swimmers not to take inflatable swimming toys to the beach after several call outs over the past week, with a young girl drifting out to sea last weekend and fears that children had been blown out to sea at Portobello on Sunday.

Rescue crews responded, with lifeboats and a helicopter deployed to search the area. Ash Denham commended the work of the rescue crews in responding to the emergency call outs.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Edinburgh Eastern Ash Denham said,

“I would urge all those visiting the coast over the summer to listen to the advice from the coastguard and refrain from taking inflatables to the beach.

“The coastguard and emergency services do an incredible job keeping us out of harm’s way and that job becomes even harder during the busy summer period.

“I know that it is tempting to take inflatable toys to the beach during the sunny weather but as we have seen recently, there is a danger that those using them, especially children, can be blown out to sea.

“It is crucial to listen to the advice of the coast guard so that they can focus on keeping the public safe.”

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