Edinburgh Eastern MSP writes to government over play parks funding

Ash Denham MSP has written to the Scottish Government to ask for details over how the £60m play parks fund will be rolled out across Scotland.

The fund was announced as part of the SNP Holyrood manifesto to renew all play parks across the country and last month the First Minister outlined that this will be set out within the first 100 days of the new Parliament.

Ms. Denham has written to the newly appointed Minister for Children & Young People, Clare Haughey, to ensure Edinburgh Eastern – which contains areas of high deprivation – gets its fair share of funding.

Commenting, the Edinburgh Eastern MSP said:

“There are many undoubted benefits of children having a safe area to play in rather than on the street and I want us to work towards having more play parks in Edinburgh Eastern because they are an investment in future generations.

“The pledge to fund play parks with £60m of funding across Scotland demonstrates how much the SNP values play in the development of young children and the mental and physical health benefits it brings.

“I have written to the government to ensure constituencies like Edinburgh Eastern, where there are areas of high deprivation, will receive their fair share of funding.

“I’ve also asked if consideration will be given to providing additional funding to Edinburgh Eastern for more play parks to be built where needed. In the letter I highlighted and commended the efforts of two local groups – the Friends of Figgate Park and Craigentinny & Meadowbank Community Council – for their work in seeing new play parks built across the constituency.”


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