MSP calls on beachgoers to exercise inflatable toys caution

Ash Denham MSP has called on beachgoers to listen to the advice of the coastguard following several recent incidents concerning inflatable pool toys.

The coastguard have advised beach swimmers not to take inflatable swimming toys to the beach after several call outs over the past week, with a young girl drifting out to sea last weekend and fears that children had been blown out to sea at Portobello on Sunday.

Rescue crews responded, with lifeboats and a helicopter deployed to search the area. Ash Denham commended the work of the rescue crews in responding to the emergency call outs.

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Vandalism drops by 60% in Edinburgh over past decade

Cases of vandalism across Edinburgh City have fallen sharply since the SNP came to power in 2007, latest figures have revealed – proving that the SNP’s approach to crime and justice in the community is working.

In 2007/08, there were 265 instances of vandalism per 10,000 of the population in Edinburgh – which has fallen sharply to 106 by 2016/17, a drop of 60%.

The latest figures back up Tory Justice Minister Rory Stewart’s comments that the rest of the UK “has a lot to learn from Scotland”.

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Ash Denham MSP: UK Government pulling wool over Scotland’s eyes


Ash Denham MSP has slammed the UK Government over its handling of the sale of its share of Fort Kinnaird retail park, located in her constituency of Edinburgh Eastern.

The Crown Estate sold its 50% share in Fort Kinnaird for £167 million last month, after the UK Government refused to devolve the site to the Scottish Government two years ago following the passing of the Scotland Bill in 2016.

The SNP has repeatedly called for the money from the sale be returned to be invested in communities across Scotland.

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“Desperately seeking stench solution” The Speaker

It appears that summer has come early, but the sunny weather of late has not been enjoyed by many of my constituents.

With the sun and summer heat, the year-long smell from Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works becomes even more unbearable- a smell that continues to plague communities throughout the constituency. Local residents have raised concerns over the smells of sewage and burning rubber coming from the water works for many years.

And with the recent hot weather, I have had many complaints from constituents that the smell has been worse than usual.

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Ash Denham MSP backs support for carers ahead of Carers Week

SNP MSP for Edinburgh Eastern Ash Denham has pledged her backing for Carers Week, which begins next Monday, by committing to support local carers across Edinburgh.

Ash Denham has signed up to the Carers Week pledge to take carer friendly action – highlighting the tireless work of the 6.5 million unpaid carers across the UK and offering them any support they need. There are an estimated 788,000 unpaid carers across Scotland – with 44,000 of them under the age of 18.

The Scottish Government has taken decisive action to support unpaid carers – investing over £135 million in a range of programmes and initiatives to support carers and young carers, as well as passing a new Carers Act, which has come into force this year, which extends the rights of carers and ensures better support.

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MSP commends Castlebrae High School students on release of charity track


Students from Castlebrae High School today released their new charity single, “Just Be You”, written and performed as part of a partnership project between Castlebrae High School and Drake Music Scotland.

The pupils are part of the ‘Nurture Group’ at Castlebrae High School, which means they have been identified as needing extra support, and the theme of the song focuses on respect and embracing individuality.

The students performed their single for the very first time earlier this month at the Drake Music Scotland 20th Anniversary Concert at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh in front of an audience of 800.

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MSP commends new investment in NHS diagnosis and care in Lothian


The NHS in Edinburgh is set to receive a share of a £50 million Scotland-wide investment to help deliver swift treatment and diagnostics.

The extra funding is part of a package of measures to help reduce waiting times – and which will also see two independent diagnostic leads appointed to improve co-ordination across the country on specialist tests.

Scotland already invests more per head of population than anywhere else in the UK. Tory-led England and Labour-led Wales continue to lag behind Scotland, including on A&E waiting times where Scotland has had the lowest waiting times for over 3 years.

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MSP commends Unicef- Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Partnership

Ash Denham MSP last night sponsored an event celebrating the four-year anniversary of the Unicef and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games partnership at the Scottish Parliament.

Speaking at the event, Ash Denham commended the collaboration and celebrated the achievements of the partnership, which was first announced at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games with the ambition to Put Children First.

In its four years, the partnership has raised £6.5 million, funding programmes in all 52 Commonwealth countries, and has reached 11.7 million children, including 540,000 in Scotland.

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Ash Denham: Current laws failing victims of sex trafficking

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade has released an inquiry report into sex trafficking which has highlighted “industrial scale” sexual exploitation in ‘pop up’ brothels facilitated by online websites.

The report detailed the links between sexual exploitation and organised crime, with the majority of brothels recorded as being connected to other brothels, agencies or non-UK Organised Crime Groups.

The UK’s current laws make it a “highly profitable and low risk” destination for sex traffickers and other third party enablers of sexual exploitation, the report explains.

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Ash Denham MSP: landmark minimum unit pricing for alcohol will save hundreds of Scottish lives

On the same day as the Scottish Government introduces minimum pricing of alcohol in Scotland, Ash Denham MSP asked Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, about the process the Scottish Government will use to monitor the effectiveness of the pricing per unit of alcohol.

The Cabinet Secretary replied that minimum unit pricing will be monitored by NHS Scotland, and will focus on implementation and compliance, price, economic impact and attitudes to minimum unit pricing.

Scotland is the first country in the world to introduce minimum alcohol pricing.

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