Commercial Sexual Exploitation



CSE stands for Commercial Sexual Exploitation, and the Haddington Branch is putting forward a motion that I will present at conference that seeks to make sex buying illegal, criminalising the clients. Following successful legislation in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere, we seek to decriminalise prostitution.

This situation is increasingly pressing as the Republic of Ireland is set to pass a law criminalising sex buyers in the near future. Statistics show that neighboring jurisdictions result in the demand being displaced to nearby countries. Thus, Scotland is at risk for an increase in demand for paid sex.

In depth research has been done to raise awareness for the decriminalisation of prostitution. As we advocate for the Nordic Model, I urge you to educate yourself and stand up for those in need in order to protect Scotland.


Below is the proposed motion to be presented at SNP Conference.

A Scottish Model of Legislation On Prostitution

Conference agrees with the Scottish Government’s NHS guidelines on Commercial Sexual Exploitation which outlines the harmful effects on prostituted women; that a majority suffer high levels of physical violence, rape and post traumatic stress; that there is a significant effect on mental health; and that there is a significant link with drug abuse.
Conference further acknowledges that in countries where prostitution is legalised there is an associated increase in human trafficking, child prostitution and other forms of criminality.
Conference recognises the successful legislative approach to prostitution pioneered i Sweden over the last sixteen years, also now adopted in Norway, Finland, Iceland and more recently in Canada, Northern Ireland and France, which focuses on reducing demand for commercial sexual exploitation.
Conference therefore supports the development of a Scottish model of legislation that (1) decriminalises the sale of sex, (2) criminalises the purchase of sex and (3) offers appropriate support for those wishing to exit commercial sexual exploitation.
Conference further agrees that such actions are in accordance with the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe strategy regarding violence against women and in particular that commercial sexual exploitation, including prostitution and human trafficking, is a form of violence against women.
Haddington Branch
Glasgow Shettleston Branch
Ash Denham MSP
John Mason MSP
Kate Forbes MSP
George Kerevan MP
Philippa Whitford MP
Joan McAlpine MSP 

Additional Information

 Additionally, the Scottish Government has published two reports regarding the issue:

To learn more about CSE, visit: Women’s Support Project

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