European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Debate

Yesterday I spoke in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Debate, and called on the UK Government to listen to the Scottish Parliament. We cannot compromise on a fundamental premise of devolution- consent. The Scottish Parliament was unanimous- Scottish Tories alone in their opposition- in refusing consent for the Bill, and it is now time for the UK Government to reconsider its power grab on this Parliament’s powers.

David Mundell MP admits UK Government willing to act in contradiction of Scottish Parliament

Today, David Mundell MP Secretary Of State for Scotland, admitted that the UK Government would take the explicit refusal of consent by the Scottish Parliament as a ‘consent decision’, allowing the Tory Government to legislate in devolved areas of policy.
He described himself as ‘happy’ with the amended clause 11, that completely undermines Scottish devolution and would restrict the Scottish Parliament‘s powers for up to 7 years.
While the Secretary of State for Scotland appears unwilling or unable to act in Scotland’s interests, the Scottish National Party has been clear- we must not allow the Tories to sell out devolution and undermine our Parliament.


Questioning Mike Russell on the Finance and Constitution Committee

The evidence from Mike Russell MSP, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, during the Finance and Constitution Committee yesterday was clear, the consent of the Scottish Parliament throughout the negotiations over the EU Withdrawal Bill remains crucial. Consent remains a fundamental principle of devolution and we can’t let the UK Government undermine the powers of the Scottish Parliament.


FMQS: Progress on EU Withdrawal Bill

During First Minister’s Questions, I asked the First Minister whether the EU Withdrawal Bill had been adequately amended by the UK Government in order to meet the expectations of the Scottish Government. It is deeply concerning that the UK Government seems intent on undermining Scottish devolution as we know it. Watch below for the First Minister’s answer.