“Ash Denham: Gender pay gap shames society” – Edinburgh Evening News

Last week, companies across the UK were obliged to reveal their gender pay gaps. While making these things more transparent is welcome, it was disheartening if unsurprising to see such a large pay gap at many companies that are household names here in Edinburgh and across the country – and particularly disappointing to see the pay gap in Edinburgh marginally higher than the national average, at 12.9 per cent compared to 12 per cent.

The norm is very much a pay gap in favour of men – and we have to ask why that is, and start to untangle the excuses that many companies make for their pay gaps, such as that women employed by the company work in lower paid roles – because that itself is symptomatic of the inequality facing our society.

Let’s be clear – paying somebody a different amount for the same work is discrimination, and workers can take up an equal pay case to get what they’re owed.

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