Baileyfield Development- Portobello

The proposed development at 17 Fishwives Causeway 8-9, 10, 11, 12, 25 Baileyfield Crescent is for mixed development, primarily of several hundred new homes and a commercial building. Per the developer’s planning application, there have been a number of issues with the development as proposed. The biggest issue is the density of housing, which is higher than adjoining sites and would have an adverse effect on traffic, parking, and the environment.

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Lochend Parking

Residents in Lochend Gardens reached out to me about a significant increase in vehicles attracted to the area when the Hibs FC plays at home. There have been reports that the extra vehicles are parking on pavements and green spaces. This has resulted in mud on the pavement which, in one unfortunate scenario, caused an elderly resident to fall and hurt her hip. Furthermore, the road the extra vehicles restrict the road so much than an emergency vehicle could have trouble getting through.

This inflow of vehicles is causing distress for many residents. As such, I organised a public meeting to allow residents a say in how the issue should be resolved. The meeting was attended by the Council’s Local Transport and Environment Manager and a representative from Police Scotland.

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