December 2017

12 December – Member’s business debate on the international day for eliminating violence against women and tackling commercial sexual exploitation

November 2017

29 November – I led a member’s business debate on Small Business Saturday

28 November – Debate on the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe delivery plan

21 November – Member’s business debate: Road Safety Week 2017

14 November – Member’s business debate: World COPD Day

9 November – Questions to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body on tackling sexual harassment.

October 2017

24 October – Debate on Scottish Government’s fracking ban

4 October – Debate on the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee’s Gender Pay Gap Report.

3 October – Member’s business debate: community buy-outs and Scottish Land Fund awards

September 2017

28 September – Member’s business debate: flexible working

14 September – Housing debate

June 2017

28 June – Member’s business debate: Not On My Screen

16 June – Celebrating Edinburgh International Festival’s 70th Anniversary

14 June – Debate on human trafficking and exploitation strategy

May 2017

24 May – Debate on achieving a cyber-resilient Scotland

17 May – Member’s business debate on Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day

16 May – Intervention in the debate on a fairer Scotland for disabled people, asking Tory MSP Bill Bowman how he could be “proud” of the Tories’ record when the UN has found Tory disabled policies to violate human rights.

April 2017

25 April – Member’s business debate on World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour 2017

19 April – Debate on Scotland’s economy

March 2017

21 March – Debate on Scotland’s choice for an independence referendum

15 March – Debate on the European Union Referendum (Reports on Implications for Scotland)

February 2017

28 February – Debate on Report on the Economic Impact of Leaving the EU

23 February – Debate on the budget bill

2 February – Debate on budget bill (stage one)

January 2017

17 January – Debate on protecting Scotland’s interests in negotiating our future relationship with Europe

December 2016

1 December – Member’s business debate recognising Small Business Saturday

November 2016

29 November – Debate on EU referendum: culture, creative industries and tourism.

24 November – Member’s business debate on Edinburgh Waverley Station access arrangements

15 November – Debate on single market and trade (EU Referendum)

9 November – Debate on working together to prevent and eradicate hate crime and prejudice

9 November – Member’s business debate on celebrating International Credit Union Day 2016

2 November – Debate on NHS Scotland 2016

September 2016

28 September – Debate on protecting local NHS services

14 September – Debate on implications of the EU referendum result

June 2016

15 June – Debate on Scotland’s economy

May 2016

26 May – Debate on Scotland’s future in the European Union